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    Welcome to the forms & documents centre

    Here you’ll find forms, documents and questionaires to use when:

    • Requesting a service or document for your SMSF
    • Providing additional information on administration of your SMSF

    Click on the links to the left or click the document title below to access the document. If there are files you can’t access it means you need to login or register for access.


    New Fund Order form

    Use this form to establish a new SMSF, including ordering a a corporate trustee (if establishing the SMSF which will have a new corporate trustee).

    Existing Fund Transfer form

    Use this form to provide Super Plus details of your existing SMSF for which Super Plus is to perform future administration and tax return preparation services.

    Trust Deed Upgrade

    Use this form to implement a Trust Deed Upgrade. Super Plus only provides this service to SMSFs that are administered by us.

    Change of Trustee

    Use this form to change the trustee of an SMSF, from individual to corporate and vice versa.

    Bare Trust order form

    Use this form to order Bare Trust documents, for using with Limited Recource Borrowing arrangements.

    Company order form

    Use this form to order a new Pty Ltd company. Either Special Purpose (SMSF trustee) or General company (use as Bare Trust trustee).

    Electronic Service Address (ESA) form

    Use this form to notify Super Plus your SuperStream ESA (Electronic Service Address), or have Super Plus register your SMSF for an ESA.

    Pension Commencement form

    Use this form to provide Super Plus with instructions for preparing the paperwork for a pension commencement in a SMSF.

    Pension Rearrangement form

    Use this form to provide Super Plus with instructions for rearranging an existing pension in the SMSF. This includes commutations and combining existing accumulation /pension accounts.

    Service Fee Payment form

    Use this form to instruct the payment method for a particular service from Super Plus, e.g. New fund setup, pension commencement etc.

    Adviser Nomination and Fee Authority

    Use this form to appoint a Financial Adviser to your SMSF. This form can also be used to authorise Super Plus to deduct an Adviser Fee from your SMSF bank account and remit to your Advisers AFSL.

    Financial Adviser registration form

    Financial Planners/Advisers should use this form to register with Super Plus.

    QROPS registration form

    To register a SMSF for QROPS status so that it can receive UK pension transfers, use this form to instruct Super Plus.

    Property Information

    Provide detailed information to Super Plus regarding a direct property held by your SMSF.

    Statutory Declaration

    Blank statutory declaration form

    Information Release form

    Use this form to provide Super Plus with authority to request information from your investment manager or other provider.

    Standard Transfer Forms

    Use this form to transfer assets in-specie to and from the SMSF. There are listed and unlisted security forms.