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Transfer an existing SMSF

For existing SMSF trustees there often comes a time when for a number of reasons you decide to change your administistrator or accountant:

12 reasons to change administrators/accountants:

    • Phone calls not returned promptly.
    • Promises, expectations and agreed deadlines not met.
    • Work not completed on a timely basis.
    • Poor value.
    • Proactive service not provided.
    • Lack of personal chemistry and rapport.
    • Mistakes and poor service.
    • Difficulty being able to discuss any issues.
    • Unexpected fees.
    • Lack of technical knowledge.
    • Limited resources and helpful guides
    • Your SMSF has out-grown the administrator/accountant.

Many SMSF trustees stay with a poor administrator/accountant even though it causes them sleepless nights and costs them money. Why?

The steps taken when transferring your existing SMSF to Super Plus:


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