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Ten+ Transfer Service

Super Plus others a Ten+ Transfer Service for financial advisers and planners transferring 10 or more SMSFs to Super Plus. We know advisers time is short and it can take time to arrange transfers between providers, that's why we'll do it all this for you when you transfer 10 or more SMSFs:

  • Prepare letters to clients
  • Prepare all investment change of address forms
  • Change company details for corporate trustees
  • Update ABN and ATO records

Super Plus services

Our services will enable you the adviser to focus on providing an effective solution to your SMSF clients, which works for both your client and you. No matter where you or your clients are based in Australia, we are your total solution.

Advisors that refer clients to us may apply for access to our Resource Centre.

As a financial adviser you need to be assured that your clients are looked after and that the service you recommend performs as expected and does not increase your work load.

Despite a SMSF being the ideal investment vehicle for a client's retirement planning, many financial advisers have historically not recommended SMSFs to their broader client base because getting the accounting and compliance work performed in a cost effective, timely and efficient manner has not been possible.

We provide a timely and efficient service that caters to the needs of both the adviser and the client. The type of flexible service that is demanded by today’s trustees and advisers.

DISCUSS Discuss your requirements
TEST Dip your toe in!
Give Super Plus a try, give us a test fund and see how we perform
CHANGE Decide to transition your existing SMSFs
We cordinate with you the best time to change each fund
MANAGE We'll manage the process, keeping you in the loop
Let us deal with the previous administrator / accountant
REVIEW We review each fund's records
UPDATE We correct and bring the accounts up to date.
VIEW You can view and print online investment reports for each of your clients
REWARD Agree your advisor fee with the client, for managing their SMSF
We deduct and remit to your AFSL your fee, preparing all RCTIs
BUILD You're now free of SMSF admin issues
Start adding value and building your SMSF advice business

Super Plus provides you the adviser with a SMSF solution that you, your client and your licensee will love.

We provide:

  • More than a decade of SMSF experience
  • New fund establishments
  • Existing fund takeovers
  • Fund windups
  • Problem fund rectification service
  • Fixed price services (so you always know the cost)
  • Monthly billing (Direct from the client’s Macquarie CMA / DDH Graham Money Market account
  • Pension establishments at anytime throughout the year (not just 1st July)
  • Member valuations available throughout the year
  • Centrelink Schedules and member balances as required throughout the year
  • BAS, IAS or PAYG Instalment and Summary  statements completed and lodged (no hassles with missed returns or payments when the client is left to do it, as with most providers)
  • Trust Deed upgrades
  • Trustee resignations and appointments
  • Corporate Trustee secretary service for special purpose trustee corporations (Super Plus are ASIC registered agents)
  • Web reporting
  • Adviser fee collections
  • Client presentations (we can deliver at client seminars for you)
  • SMSF technical advice service relating to Trust Deeds, SIS Act & Regulations, and super taxation issues (we help you, the adviser, with specific questions and problem solving relating to SMSFs)

Adviser Fee Collection – Your FOFA Fee for Service solution

The adviser and client agree on their regular or adhoc advice fee. Super Plus deducts this from the client's Macquarie CMA or DDH Graham Bank account and remits this to your AFSL. We even prepare the RCTI for your AFSL, meaning, you don’t need to spend time preparing invoices and arranging payment.

Technical Assistance

In addition to our comprehensive Resource Centre which contains many of the guides and information sheets that you can use with clients in meetings or advice documents. We are also able to answer your technical questions.

Adviser Technical:

  • Technical Guides, Fact Sheets, How to Guides
  • Client seminars
  • Email/Phone technical assistance

Online Forms Resource

A range of forms that you will use on a regular basis when dealing with SMSF clients. This saves you time. Simply come to our website and download the form you require.

Online Investment Reporting

As a professional adviser you need up to date investment information about your clients portfolio. We can provide you with online access to run reports on your client's SMSFs. There are a large range of reports for which you can run your own date range. These reports include:

  • Investment valuations
  • Income reports
  • Projected capital gains
  • Investment movement
  • Contribution reports (showing last 3 years contributions)
  • Actual investment allocation vs SMSF strategy

AFSL Licensee’s (Dealer Groups)

Australian Financial Service Licence holders can rest assured that the risks associated with their advisers having clients with a SMSF are minimised, by having their advisers use a professional and experienced service provider such as Super Plus, that specialises in all aspects of SMSF operation.

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