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    Welcome to the Resource Centre

    Here you’ll find forms, documents, guides and associated information for running your SMSF, when administered by Super Plus.

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    Of cousre some resources are only available to clients (advisers and trustees) that utilise our services.

    Order Forms & Documents

    Here you’ll find forms and documents to use when:

    • Requesting a service or document for your SMSF
    • Providing additional information to Super Pus for your SMSF
    Knowledge Basics

    This provides a reference for terms often used or that you’ll come across in the SMSF arena. Some of the terms may also apply to superannuation more generally.

    Fact Sheets

    Detailed fact sheets on particular matters related to the operation of your SMSF and the way certain aspects of your SMSF are processed by Super Plus or for providing specific information to Super Plus.

    Also included are explanations to a number of particular strategies that trustees may use to improve the operation of their SMSF and to enhance benefits to members. These are for explanations and are not advice to use or not use any strategy in a SMSF.

    Funds Record Uploader

    This section provides an area to securely upload documents to Super Plus. This eliminates the need to attach documents to emails, which can be a significant problem with large email attachments.

    New SMSF Setup

    A step by step guide to establishing a new SMSF. There is also a link to our order form.

    Transfer an Existing SMSF

    A step by step guide to transfering your existing SMSF administration, financial statements and tax return preparation to Super Plus. There is also a link to our transfer form.