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The trustees of Win Super Fund approached Super Plus after being advised by their long time personal and fund accountant that he was about to retire. The trustees themselves had retired, were over age 60 and liked to travel to different parts of Australia.

As their primary source of income was from non taxable pensions received from their SMSF, and they were no longer required to lodge personal income tax returns, their accountant suggested that they really only needed to have a super fund administrator to prepare the SMSF financial statements and tax return each year.

The trustees travel extensively each year and were impressed that Super Plus would administer their fund, with a minimal amount input from them during the year, due to our ability to download the fund’s transaction information regularly and use Super Plus as the mailing address for their funds investments. Communications with the trustees are by email and post as required.

Super Plus Actions

The fund’s transactions are processed on a regular basis, and any queries are raised and dealt with on a timely basis.

The fund’s financial statements, tax return and any other documents requiring signature are emailed, or sent to a post office anywhere in Australia, as required.


The trustees continue on their travels confident that the fund’s administration is being taken care of, and they can obtain up-to-date information about their fund, as required. This frees them from the worry of dealing with fund correspondence arriving while they are away.

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